C-TRIC Overview

C-TRIC provides specialist workspace and services for academic researchers, clinical researchers and the biotechnology industry. C-TRIC houses a Clinical Research Facility and a Healthcare Innovation Hub.

Clinical Research Facility

C-TRIC is licensed to handle, process and store clinical materials and data. C-TRIC facilitates clinical trials (Phases I-IV) and evaluations of novel therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and technologies and is linked to the UK National Health Service and wider European healthcare markets. Our Clinical Research Facility offers the following services:

  • In-house clinical trial capability including clinical study design, access to clinicians and clinical research networks, and statistical services
  • In-house clinical governance staff to help steer you through the process of acquiring governance and ethical approval
  • Access to skilled research nurses who can help with recruitment, sample collection, the collation of clinical data and phlebotomy services, collect and label clinical materials
  • Access to skilled biomedical scientists to process, analyse and store clinical materials

Healthcare Innovation Hub

C-TRIC provides clients with innovation services, specialist workspace, incubation support for fledgling life and health technology enterprises, and networking opportunities.

Our specialist workspaces include:

  • Laboratory space
  • Office accommodation
  • Clinical Storage space
  • Clinical Sampling space

Our innovation services include:

  • Access to world class scientific and academic knowledge in biomedical science, bioengineering and ICT
  • Early access to technology licensing opportunities
  • Advice on knowledge transfer programmes

Our incubation support include:

  • Market validation through facilitated access clinical expertise and advice on healthcare economics
  • Access to healthcare innovation programmes
  • Specialist advice on R&D support, intellectual property and finance


C-TRIC hosts regular workshops and networking events aimed at maximising the potential for collaboration across the Academic, Business, and Clinical interface.
Networking and a culture of collaboration is facilitated by access to a variety of communal break-out areas and meeting rooms including:

  • Seminar room with teleconference and AV equipment
  • Meeting room
  • Break-out and kitchen area