Innovative C-TRIC project wins £25k award

An innovative product that has been developed at C-TRIC (Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre) has won the Digital Media and Software category at the 25K Awards.

AIRO, a healthcare ‘Dashboard’, is a collaboration between the Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) and local company Future Healthcare NI.

Future Healthcare NI developed the AIRO Clinical Communicator, a web-based clinical task management dashboard, designed to improve the communication between doctors and nurses, which improves patient safety and reduces costs.

Dr Paul Moutray and Andreanne Clarke are the dual driving force behind AIRO. Paul, who is also a Clinical Consultant himself, says: “There are many examples within current healthcare of inefficient communication, for example practices around paging systems. These systems seem increasingly antiquated in light of advances in data transfer and smartphone technology.”

Maurice O’Kane, Chief Executive of C-TRIC said, “We are delighted that a C-TRIC project has won one of the £25K Awards and that AIRO has repeated the success we had last year with SmartAir Medical winning the biotech category with their novel method monitoring the delivery of inhaled medication.”

Dr Geoff Nesbitt, Director of Quality and Safety at the Western Trust added: “We are always keen to explore new and innovative ways of improving clinical practice for the benefit of our patients. Good communication is central to the provision of high quality care in the health care service .”