Clinical Research at C-TRIC

At C-TRIC, our missions is to undertake and facilitate high quality clinical research involving healthy and non healthy participants from a variety of sources including patient populations from the Western Health and Social Trust, local primary care centres and the wider population, in adherence with the regulatory requirements for Research and Ethics in Northern Ireland.

Since 2009 C-TRIC has worked with many global leaders in the clinical evaluation of various medical technologies, devices, diagnostics and therapeutics in order to deliver on its mission and reduce costs along the way.

C-TRIC encompasses a strong team of clinical research professionals committed to it’s corporate vision which has resulted in a high throughput of well executed research studies under excellent research and governance management.

Future Clinical Research

While C-TRIC is involved in research collaborations and evaluations of technologies across a range of platforms including those for point-of-care testing, stratified medicine and nutrigenomics it will continue to focus its efforts across a range of disease areas where its core capability is strong, including diseases such as diabetes, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease and oncology.

Patients who have taken part in studies at C-TRIC have found their experiences enlightening and enjoyable and often express their eagerness to participate in future studies at C-TRIC.  It is important to our researchers that participants leave C-TRIC having had a positive experience and from the patient feedback this is being achieved.