El Iván Macía, PhD

El Iván Macía, PhD is Industrial Engineer and Automation and Electronics Engineer by the University of Navarra and Phd in Computer Science by the University of the Basque Country. He is the Director of eHealth and Biomedical Applications Department of Vicomtech Foundation, leading a group of more than twenty researchers in technological development and industrial research in applications such as computer aided diagnosis and intervention, Big Data and artificial intelligence in biomedicine, clinical decision support systems, eHealth and mHealth and medical device development. He is also PI of the eHealth group at Biodonostia Health Research Institute, leading a multidisciplinary group of engineers and clinicians. He has more than fifteen years of applied R&D in the biomedical sector. Currently he is coordinator of the DESIREE Horizon 2020 project in the development of a decision support system for breast cancer.