Geraldine Lavery

Geraldine Lavery – Head of Department Health and Sport, North West Regional College. Geraldine was a social work practitioner prior to taking a lecturing post at NWRC in the late 1990s. She has had leadership and management of the curriculum area of Health and Social Care for 11 years and leads a lecturing team of 65 staff drawn from interdisciplinary Health and Social Work practice roles. This leadership and team have delivered a number of international and regional projects in dementia care, assistive technology and end of life care. Currently Geraldine has Further Education regional leadership of sectoral partnership and curriculum hub Health and Social Care specialism which seek to assure a qualifications framework and best practice pedagogy to underpin workforce capability going forward.As a significant informal carer for her elderly father, Geraldine has had a valuable “lived experience” education on both the challenges and possibilities of ageing. This has sharpened her understanding of the unmet needs of the social care workforce (both professional and informal) in terms of education and skills but equally of their pivotal potential to drive innovation of product and service for an ageing population. Geraldine has led the development of the centre of Design and innovation for Assisted Living (DIAL) which will open at NWRC in autumn 2018.