TMED9 – Innovating to Live Well for Longer

Here in Northern Ireland and globally we are witnessing an increase in population size. One of the main drivers of such growth is improved disease prevention and improved diagnostics leading to early recognition and treatment. With an increasingly aging society comes an increasing demand on healthcare, an increased number of patients with long term medical conditions (LTMC), an increasingly complex patient cohort with multiple co-morbidities and uncertain clinical outcomes. The combination of these factors makes clinical decision more challenging. Invariably the elderly and those with long term medical conditions with complex co-morbidities are excluded or under-represented in large scale randomised clinical trials (RCT). Therefore the optimal treatment strategy for these patients remain unknown.

In reality the results of these large RCT are extrapolated and treatment offered to the same elderly and LTMC patients with multi-morbidity who were initially excluded. Ultimately it is unclear whether this strategy improves clinical outcomes for these highly complex patients. Urgent work is needed to improve clinical decision making in this group since these patients are the greatest demand on the healthcare system with the greatest health economic cost. Furthermore, given the paucity of information on how best to treat the elderly and those with LTMC, there is a need to adopt a Personalised Medicine approach to improve outcomes for this group of patients. More than ever there is a need to combine the expertise of academia, clinicians, business and data scientists to improve healthcare for the aging population and patients with long term medical conditions using a panomic approach to create biological signatures assisted by augmented intelligence.

This year TMED9 will focus on “Innovating to Live Well for Longer” and will also provide an update on the Centre for Personalised Medicine, Clinical Decision Making and Patient Safety. Local and international expertise drawn from academia, business, clinical and data analytics will combine at TMED9 to network and explore ways to improve diagnostics and personalised medicine.

Celebrating its ninth successful year, the event is recognised as a leading international conference in translational medicine and healthcare innovation, previously drawing clinicians, academics and businesses from UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA.

TMED continues to target academics, clinicians, researchers and bio-industry R&D managers, with the aim of encouraging collaboration and communication, and to inform research and clinical interventions.

Confirmed speakers to date

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Dr Golam Khandaker, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow & Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Ivan Macia, Department Director e-Health & Biomedical Applications, Vicomtech, San Sebastian, Europe

Prof Michael Scott, Director, Medicines Optimisation Centre (MOIC), NI

Geraldine Lavery, Head of School of Health & Social Care, North-West Regional College (NWRC), NI

Steven Lazer, Chief Technical Officer, DELL EMC Industries & Healthcare, USA

Dr Calum MacRae,Vice Chair, Scientific Innovation, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr Stephen Seawright, WiSAR Technology Gateway, LYIT, ROI

Dr Danail Stoyanov, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science, University College London, UK

Prof Louise Dubras, Dean of Medical School, Ulster University, NI

Prof Paddy Gillespie, Director, Health Economics and Policy Analysis Centre, National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, ROI

Prof Anthony Gallagher, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning, Director of Research, University College Cork (UCC), ROI

Dr Paul Edison, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, Visiting Professor, Cardiff University, Wales & Consultant Physician, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK

Dr Paul Collinson, Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Professor of Cardiovascular Biomarkers Clinical Blood Sciences, St George’s University Hospitals, London, UK

Dr Julian Brown, Norfolk Primary Care Trust, UK

Dr Anthony Ryan, Senior Scientist, Genomics Medicine Ireland, ROI

Dr Gregory Tobin, CSO/Co-Founder, Lantern Pharma, Dallas, USA

Dr Meredith Gregory, Associate Scientist, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear / Assistant Professor, Dept of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, USA


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